Self-chosen Neologism

Definition: Of relating to, or belonging to, or denoting a distinctive racial grouping of the Human species that is characterized by physical traits ranging from light to dark brown skin pigmentation and descending from genetically inherited African ancestry.

Syllabication: Col-our-a-sian

Pronounciation: KŻL`r-¬z`hen


The designation "Colourasian" is a neologism that I [Alf Lewsey] publicly introduced in 1983 to the newly appointed British Columbia Human Right's Council as the Human Rights Consultant, along with hundreds of other recommendations. The paper was to act as a guide for the Council in promoting and publicizing the new Human Right's Act.

I began to generate additional exposure for the coined designation in 1984 by responding to a column by the Ombudsman/Assistant Managing Editor of the Seattle Times Post-Intelligencer (Washington) where he rhetorically debates a reader on whether the "B" in "Black" in describing the African-American should or should not be capitalized.

Further exposure was attained by meeting with the Vice-President of the Seattle Urban League, an organization of professional African-Americans who served their community by striving towards achieving social equity for minorities, the poor and disadvantaged. A communique was also sent to Professor Mavalwala, University of Toronto in 1984 who was one of the principal speakers at a conference in Winnipeg on visible minorities and the media.

The purpose of the communication was basically to recommend consideration of this neologism that I hoped would replace "Black" the non-descript word... I and others continued to use this designation, however there has not been a direct concerted push over the years. I have the honour of appearing in the AZ Encyclopaedia of Ice Hockey as the First "Colourasian" to have played in the United Kingdom. (See: The A to Z Encyclopaedia of Ice Hockey)

Parts of Speech

Adjective: Of, pertaining to, or denoting a distinctive racial grouping with light to dark brown skin pigmentation and genetically descended from African heritage.


  1. Capitalized in it's use to denote persons, in recognizing it's parallel with other ethnic/racial groups and nationalities, ie: Caucasian, Eurasian, Asian, and also encompassing "Cablinasian" a neologism introduced by Tiger Woods.
  2. Member of a racial group that has inherited shades of light to dark brown skin pigmentation and are directly descended from people of African origin via genetics.

Usage Comments

Colourasian is a coined word not found in dictionaries, encyclopaedias or thesauri, around the world to this day. A neologism created in the hope of replacing the non-descript word "Black" that is in current usage to identify persons with brown skin of African origin. The use and capitalization of "Colourasian" will denote and acknowledge it's stature as a major race designation, and finally eliminate any potential ambiguity.

"Many people would probably agree that if they are to be identified by a couple of colours in a child's paintbox, they would prefer the descriptive words 'Colourasian' and 'Caucasian' that are much softer, kinder, and gentler than the 'hot button' opposites of 'Black' and 'White'."

Alf Lewsey (1931-2012). Inquiries?